Hello, feel free to check out my work and decide if you'd like anything done. I mainly focus on after edits. Meaning after the pictures are taken, I can do extra edits afterwards to make them stand out more.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Hover over for colour.

There are two sections not listed below that you would have to try find to gain access to. If you pay attention you can find them fairly easily. One being an extra special gallery, the other you'll just have to find out.

NSFW Gallery

NSFW Commissions

Coming Soon


SFW: 250k and 200k per extra person.
NSFW: 500k and 400k per extra person.
After edits: 100k
If you want me accompanying in the gpose just ask (I won't charge for this, and I have a F bun, M Bun, F Aura and F Miqo to choose from). Prices are set per pose (I don't mind doing a couple angles), but you can pay for a bundle of poses with negotiable reduced prices.
Posing is usually made custom by myself, but if you have any specific ones I can use them for you as well.
If you have your own gposes already, and just want edits, I can do that for a reduced price. In the case of this I will only ask for 50-100k depending on complexity, negotiable for lower prices acceptable within reason.
Sprouts receive 50% discount.If you want help finding locations, try find studio housing plots, or you can also click here to see a doc of interesting locations.

Gpose TOS
• Lalafell gposes are strictly SFW
• If I decide to decline a pose, I will not tolerate any backtalk or argument.
• Payment will be done before delivery of the images, however marked previews may be exchanged if requested.
• If you want the gposes to be kept private just ask, otherwise I may post them for others to see.

Texture Edits
I can do or help with texture edits, feel free to ask for more information if you are interested. The pricing on these will depend on the complexity of the edit/texture.
Please if you do want any textures edited, try to send them in png format, I will also take psd files. If you are unsure how to get a png from a modded skin ingame, send it and I can extract it myself.

Texture TOS
• This is mainly dependent on the original texture owners, I will try follow their original permissions or TOS if I am editing a texture that isn't from scratch.
• If I end up making a from scratch texture for you, meaning base textures are used and I do my own design, this is a case in which I take my right to upload it publicly. Only in this case will I ask for a fee to not share or post pictures of it.
• If I have made a texture from scratch, do not repost it. You may make your own edits and share it privately with friends, but I do not wish for it to be reposted publicly.
• If I am editing an existing texture, then you can ask for it to stay private, in which I won't post any pictures of the edit myself, this texture however won't be made public for others to use.


Coming Soon


You can reach me through these methods.
Ingame: Megu Rin || Primal || Famfrit
Twitter: @MegurinNone
Discord: megurin
If you want to support me monetarily, it's never needed but much appreciated.
You can find my paypal here
Or by clicking the button below.

You made it

If you found this, I'll do a free gpose with edits if you can send me a screenshot of your WOL dressed as Skin Frog, example below, along with your name. You will then be added to the Wall of Frog.

Wall of Frog